Welcome to the Ecosprinter!

 The Ecosprinter is an independant participative online newspaper, powered by FYEG. The articles and their content do not reflect FYEG views and are only engaging their authors, in the aim of empowering freedom of speech and public debate within European youth on striking issues

It’s been exactly 10 years since Ecosprinter, the e-magazine of the Federation of Young European Greens, has been created. In 2008, the Ecosprinter Editorial Board (EEB) was granted autonomy and the following year it decided to go online.

The aim of the magazine is to provide democratic and transparent space for young authors, to provide to the Green Youth a space for reaction and expression on relevant issues in many areas. Young Greens need to share their ideas and opinions in order to have a united front  in the international level. The Ecosprinter is an avenue where all Young Greens in Europe are welcome to articulate their thoughts and opinions.

In these harsh times, the European  crisis might represent as well a new start for an ecological transition and the spread of a new model of society, based on green values. It also depends on us! The Ecosprinter is a way to share ideas and views between young people from all around Europe. European youth, we need you ! :)

Write for us:

The Ecosprinter provides you space to shape and to express your ideas and opinions, to reflect the ongoing pressing events and to react to socio-political and economic issues through green glasses.

We encourage you to write and contribute to the Ecospinter.

If you are 16 to 35 years old and sympathize with green ideals, please write the article of your focus or interest that you would like to share to the world.

The articles should have max. 1500 words and it is recommended that you accompany your article with some picture/image under a Free License/Creative Commons. Contact any of the EEB member (see all possible addresses in the section About us) and  we will contact you soon.

We look forward receiving and editing your articles as well as any ideas, wishes or questions you may have for the EEB and the Ecosprinter.

Ecosprinter Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the  autonomous head of the Ecosprinter. It consists of 4 members, one being from FYEG Executive Committee acting as a  communication channel between EEB and the FYEG.

You can find the contact information of the board here.

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