“Bi-monthly” FYEG Executive Committee report

At the General Assembly (GA) in Barcelona in March 2005 FYEG decided that the members of the Executive Committee (EC) should report to the membership of their personal progress and general workings of the EC once every two months.

The EC is now going to report, and will be better at reporting on time in the future. The method of reporting will be on the FYEG web-site, on the page that you are currently reading. This report will be advertised in the FYEG newsletter.

What has the EC been up to, then?
In addition to the “mini-EC-meeting” held right after the GA in Barcelona (where all of the EC was present) there has been one EC-meeting in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in April, one in Berlin, Germany, in June and one in July in Novi Sad, Serbia. The meetings have been well attended, in each of the meetings there has been an attendance of eight out of nine EC members. Unfortunately one EC member has repeatedly been unable to participate due to work schedules.

In two out of three EC meeting the Office Coordinator has also participated, and the first meeting was facilitated by Stephanie, spokesperson from the previous EC.

The spirit in the EC has been good, existing differences of opinion have mainly been kept on a political level, and differences of personality have mainly been resolved in a goodnatured way, if they have sometimes been experienced as straining.

During the EC meetings a variety of common programs have been enjoyed, from the Christopher Street Day parade (also known as Pride Berlin) where the EC participated in the local Green block, to the CDN seminar on The Balkans and the Enlarged EU in Serbia. EC members have participated as organisers in various FYEG-related events and will continue doing so. In addition to being on prep-teams for events like the CDN-seminar in Novi Sad and the upcoming seminar in Cyprus EC members are taking responsibility for events like the Winter Camp in Austria next year, the Organic Food exchange in November and the Islam Study Session in Strasbourg.

EC members have also been visiting various member organisations, of course with priority given to applicant members that according to statutes must be visited before full membership, but also visiting other organisations as the opportunity arises.

FYEG EC-members have also participated in events of the European Green Party (EGP). As representatives of FYEG the participation of especially spokespersons and of EC members from the Financial working group have been found to be essential at the larger yearly meetings of the EGP, and this was carried out in the EGP meeting in Riga in the spring and also in Kiev. Unfortunately the target to have one EC meeting in conjunction with an EGP meeting has not yet been carried out, but work is going on.

FYEG EC members have also participated at seminars and political events organised by the EGP and the Green Group (GG) in the European Parliament, most of them in Brussels.

The EC has involved itself in the current FYEG campaign on organic food and genetically modifi ed organisms, called “Tell me what I eat”. The campaign is producing publications and material for actions and is starting this autumn. The campaign will hopefully support the Member Organisations in their existing campaigns on the topic, encourage them to start up such campaigns or use the material and actions as part of general political work.
The EC would thank all active people in the network, the Member Organisations and in the Green movement in general for making things so good for us.

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