A Swedish perspective on the European Constitution

The FYEG is facing many important issues to discuss at the upcoming General Assemby, but there is one that lingers on our mind especially. The GA will decide whether or not to pursue a common campaign for the new “Treaty for a European Constitution”. Campaigning is one of FYEG’s most important tasks and we do not oppose the idea of FYEG campaigns. We do, however, have a problem with the FYEG giving thumbs up to this treaty as this goes against one of the most fundamental parts of our politics in Sweden.

The Young Greens of Sweden is FYEG’s second largest member, and if FYEG choose to pursue this campaign under the flag of all FYEG we will probably have to leave the organisation or, at least, apply for observatory membership. This, we believe, could lead to the undermining of FYEG’s legitimacy and would most certainly be a setback for international cooperation of Greens. Among the Greens of Sweden, as in the whole of Sweden, there’s a large scepticism towards EU, therefore it’s important that we at the GA this March do not vote for having a common campaign. It would mean great difficulties for the Green Youth of Sweden to justify its participation in FYEG. We do not wish to hinder those who’d like to have this campaign. But to have it in the name of all of FYEG, and hence in the name of Young Greens of Sweden, is not acceptable for us. FYEG can help coordinate and prepare the campaign, while not taking active part. It was in this manner the campaign for the European elections took place, and that type of federative cooperation is what we, Swedes, would like to see more of in the future.

We want to see a FYEG that is an organisation to count on both politically and organisationally. There’s a need for a FYEG working for all the Greens, where we take responsibility to support the advance of the greens in for example Turkey and Ukraine, the same way as in Sweden and Germany.
We’d like to encourage all Green delegates attending the GA the 10th through 13th of March to vote NO to the proposal for a common campaign.

The Green Youth Sweden and FYEG need each other, so don’t let this issue be decisive for our membership.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona, the beautiful city in lovely Catalonia.

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