An Open Letter To Mother Earth

By Saurav Raj Pant of Nepal

Dear Mother Earth,

I am trying very hard to write a letter to you. We homosapiens have deceived you. You have left us a natural environment so astonishing but we have exploited it in an irreversible way. Mom, it is very rigid for you to realize that we have partitioned ourselves from you through the forms of ideologies, concepts of race, caste, identity, class and so on. This partition has now become an inevitable part of our lives. Without it, it would seem that we could not live anymore.

We homosapiens have now become technosapiens trying to tumble your nurture and love through our misuse of technology. Mom, we have become so materialistic to the point where we are competing and collaborating with each other for our own maximum benefit through exploiting your creations. Mom, now I have realized that we have dug our own holes of destruction. I know you have become so sad and emotional because of our behavior. And it is understandable knowing how much pain a mother suffers when her own child becomes troubled.

Well, this year in Paris I will not give you an early promise yet. But we homosapiens will hopefully have some gifts for you. We are going to strike a deal with each other by keeping our selfishness aside and drawing a universally and legally binding agreement this 2015 to protect you and the next generations to come.

Yours truly, one of your irresponsible yet determined sons,