Another Europe is possible


Next January, Spain takes up the presidency of the European Union at a period of stagnation of its development, and, needless to say, utter paralysis in terms of its social and political depth.

The member states appear to be only concerned with not losing importance in the face of the growth of the Union, and to not concede any form of sovereignty for the good of a greater capacity for decision-making and government by the UE. Besides this, there can be seen no resolution concerning these obstacles, taking into account that the Spanish government, and J. M. Aznar in particular, has been the main promoter of the neo-liberal policies within the EU. In addition, he has ignored, or rather, rebuffed, any initiative of a social or ecological nature.

Altogether, this does not indicate a promising future. In this situation, it is hardly surprising that Institutions and the citizens find themselves ever further apart. For this reason, a platform of organisations has already been organised in Barcelona and the rest of the Spanish state in order to make manifest this critical vision of the EU and to make alternative proposals. Joves d’Esquerra Verda are already present with some profoundly critical postures, but at the same time affirming that the EU, built upon a social and ecological perspective, could be a great instrument to advance towards a better world.  It is true however, that a profound, radical change in the way of perceiving the UE is required by the member states. It would be a 180° turn from the current attitudes being displayed.

But this is our role and that of many others who feel the same. NGOs, trade unions, green parties and those of the Left, organisations of all kinds must demonstrate that we know how to criticise and make alternative proposals. Because another world is possible ; because another Europe is possible.

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