Bark Beetles

Different people from different countries like Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Sweden, Ireland,… came together in the International Summer Camp in Sumava of the Czech Republic. There were experts that did there seminaries about forests problems, solutions, history,… this was very educative I learned at least a lot from this. The participating countries had a presentation of their own country and the state of their forests, this was very interesting and we learned a lot about different countries and from each other. We also worked in the Sumava forest to help the nature. Next to the serious work we had some time for relaxing, some of us went for biking or hiking in the beautiful landscape of the Sumava park. We finished the camp with a big cool party with great international music. Saying good bye was the hardest, the connections between the people were so strong, but we will never forget the nice time that we had together in the Sumava Camp. And for me I look forward for the next FYEG meeting.

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