Call for articles: Mental Health

It is time for us, as an inclusive organisation, to talk about mental health. We want to talk about depression, about anxiety, about personality disorders, about concentration problems, addictions and eating disorders. In a respectful and open way. Do you have writing skills, do you want to smash some taboos about mental health or do you have knowledge about mental health issues that you wish to share with us? Ecosprinter is looking for you!

The Ecosprinter Editorial Board would like to invite you to send your article ideas for this article series at, before Friday December 8th. For any question or remark, please feel free to write us at the indicated address! If you prefer to publish something anonymously, let us know.

Please specify what length of an article would you be available to write and what type of article you would like to create. For example, would it be more of a column, a short story, or a creative contribution? A typical article for us would be around 500 words. We specifically encourage people who are dealing with mental health issues to contribute to our series.