Call for articles: Migration, environment & refugee crisis

As the refugee crisis is still our present and the European Union (EU) is having a more than controversial response to it, we, as a young green journal, want to express our opinion about it. If you want to propose solutions, react to the law that has just been voted by the EU, or if you just want to think deeply about it, then Ecosprinter is looking for you !

The Ecosprinter Editorial Board would like to invite you to send your article ideas for this online article series at alexialuli.delfosse[at]GMAIL.COM, before the 25th of August. Then, you will have around the 10th of September to send us your articles. We are particularly looking for articles about migration and the environment and the refugee crisis but we are open to every proposition. For any question or remark, please feel free to write us at the indicated address ! 

Please specify what length of an article would you be able to write and what type of article would you like to create: a column, a short story or something else. A typical article for us would be around 500 to 700 words.