Call for articles: The Gender Issue

Sexism, wage gaps, transphobia, heteronormativity and a lack of women and non-males in leading positions: even though we are all equal according to law, there is still a great need to address gender related exclusion, (institutional) oppression and the domination of a gender binary worldview. Within feminism, our focus has shifted towards intersectionality: which voices do we tend to forget when addressing sexism? How are sexism and racism related? How could we approach climate change from a feminist perspective?

These are the questions we want to ask ourselves in the newest printed edition of Ecosprinter. Do you have writing skills, do you want to voice your opinion, or do you wish to engage in a debate on gender and politics? Ecosprinter is looking for you! In 2017, Ecosprinter has published two printed editions: The Social Rights Issue and The Peace and Security Issue. We plan to publish one more issue this year: The Gender Issue. And you can help us to realise this!

The Ecosprinter Editorial Board would like to invite you to send your article ideas for this special edition at, before the start of November. For any question or remark, please feel free to write us at the indicated address!

Please specify what length of an article would you be available to write and what type of article you would like to create. For example, would it be more of a column, a short news story, or a multiple-page reportage? Or would you review a book or a movie? Is there somebody who in your view should be interviewed for the magazine? Or would it be something else altogether, like a comic or some other creative contribution? A typical article for us would cover 1-2 pages. We specifically encourage people who are dealing with gender-discrimination to contribute to our magazine.