Call for member of the Ecosprinter Editorial Board

Deadline for applications: September 25th, 2016, midnight CET

The Ecosprinter is the online independent participative magazine of all young Greens of Europe. For many years it has published articles written by activists and young writers, helping the spread of youth issues, political and social challenges from all over Europe to other young activists, and so building a ‘pan-European space’ of expression and debate. The Ecosprinter can be found at

After the departure of one of our fellow members, the Ecosprinter is looking for a new member to join our team! If you are interested in Green debate, eager to get to know FYEG and it’s members better, and available to help the Ecosprinter develop and carry out its ongoing projects, this position could be just for you. As in accordance with FYEG Internal Rules of Procedure, applicants should be male to retain the current gender balance.

What is the Ecosprinter?

The mission of the Ecosprinter is to:

  • provide a forum for commentary and internal debate
  • provide the spaces for blogs and articles of members of FYEG
  • provide the member organisations with knowledge about candidates for upcoming GAs
  • report and comment about culture, politics and discussions that they believe are of importance.

Who is the Editorial Board?

The Editorial Board is responsible for the content of the Ecosprinter and for ensuring high quality of the magazine as a whole. The Editorial Board members can produce their own material but mainly call for material or ask specific people for articles.

The Ecosprinter Editorial Board also:

  • ensures good relationship with the network of correspondents of GEF’s Green European Journal
  • develops ideas regarding its functioning and FYEG’s external communication that are in the conclusions of the follow-up groups of FYEG’s Strategic Planning Meeting 2016

Who should apply?
It is important that candidates have time and motivation to work for the Ecosprinter through the whole mandate to ensure consistency in the Editorial Board work. You should be able to dedicate 2-3 hours a week minimum of online voluntary work. It is requested that candidates are pro-active, can work independently and in team, and can work proficiently in English. Apart from this it is an advantage to have:

  • available for an upcoming, in-person meeting to take place in Brussels, tentatively on 14 October
  • a good feeling for what are important debates within the Green-Left movement
  • experience with publications or editing
  • have good computer skills and access; and knowledge of WordPress (as the Ecosprinter is a WordPress-powered website)
  • lay-out/design skills
  • willingness to further develop the Ecosprinter online outreach and build up the cooperation with the Green European Journal (GEJ)

These positions are voluntary, so please note that they are unpaid.

What we offer:

  • Good experience within an international Editorial Board.
  • Experience in an English speaking environment.
  • Opportunity to develop your ideas/ projects on fundraising, activity planning, and to be supported in your initiatives with the board and the Executive Committee of FYEG.
  • Opportunity to develop further an European-wide network of NGOs, civil society organisations, politicians and academicians on current issues.

Questions and applying
You can ask all questions to the current editor-in-chief of the Ecosprinter, Morgan (, or the rest of the Ecosprinter Board at To apply, please send your CV and letter of motivation to

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