Call for participants: “Speak up! Green voices in the media” seminar June 17-21

Are you a budding writer or editor? Do you blog or contribute to an online magazine or news portal with a Green focus, or are you thinking of doing so? Are you simply interested in the relation of Greens to the media and the transformations taking place with the rise of new, digital and alternative sources of information? Then apply now to participate in this seminar!

The internet has transformed the way we access news and information. But with so much choice and so many different voices fighting for attention, it can be difficult to find sources that are trust-worthy, accessible and critical. What is the role that ‘Green media’ can play, in this context? While new and digital forms of media are increasingly seen as alternatives to the mainstream, how can Greens take advantage of the tools and space available to promote discussion on the environmental and social issues that matter to them? And can ‘Green news’ sources be compatible with journalistic ethical principles of impartiality and independence?

This 3-day seminar aims to help Green-minded writers and activists to develop their skills, share their ideas and spread their work. You will have the opportunity to hear from environmental journalists, Greens working in the media, and to network with others who are involved in a wide variety of projects and platforms – such as online and offline magazines, Green Journals, blogs, news portals and so on.

The event is organised by the Green European Journal, the quarterly publication of the Green European Foundation, and the Ecosprinter, the online magazine affiliated with the Federation of Young European Greens. The objective of the GEJ and the Ecosprinter is to provide a European-level space where ideas and debates from the Green movement across Europe and beyond can be brought together, exchanged and shared.  We are currently trying to build up a network of partner publications, as well as to extend our own network of correspondents and contributors. The seminar is being organised in a bid to boost these efforts.

The programme will include practical workshops on communicating effectively on Green issues as well as advice on managing publications with limited resources. Alongside this, there will be space for discussion on the place of ‘Green news’ and ‘Green commentary’ in the public sphere in general, and how Green activists and campaigners can use these platforms to share their ideas and get their messages across. The seminar will also address the challenges and potential risks or pitfalls of new digital media and how to ensure content is independent, reliable and of a high standard.

The seminar will take place in London, between Thursday the 18th and Sunday the 21st of June 2015. It is organised by the Green European Journal on behalf of GEF, with the support of the Federation of Young European Greens and Greenhouse think tank UK. The working language will be English.


We are currently looking for participants interested in taking part in this course. Ideally, participants should:

  • Have some involvement or experience in blogging, editing or reporting, whether for online or printed publications, whether Green or non-Green in nature
  • Have a general interest in European Union politics and in Green politics at the EU level.
  • Be open to group discussions and participation in various group debates
  • Be able to make themselves understood in English
  • Be communicative, open-minded, eager to learn from each other’s experiences
  • Be involved in Green activism (young greens, green-minded NGOs, green parties etc) at either the local, regional or national level.
  • Come from a state that is member of the Council of Europe and has a Green organisation member of the European Green Party.

Gender and regional balance will be taken into account when selecting the participants.

How to apply?

Applications for the course are accepted only through filling in the on-line application form.

Applicants are encouraged to submit any supporting links or documents with articles or texts they have written, whether or not these have been previously published.

The deadline for applications is 25th of April (midnight, CET). Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


The Green European Foundations will reimburse the travel costs of participants and will cover the costs of accommodation and meals throughout the seminar, in exchange of a participation fee of 100 euro (for students/unemployed: 60 euro).


A detailed program for this course will be available soon. For any questions related to the content of the seminar or the application, please contact the GEF team at