Campus Clubs

In 2004 the Green Party Youth went Canada-wide with groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Victoria, British Columbia and places in between.

In British Columbia, Orion Carrier regenerated the University of Victoria Greens. This group was active in club member Ariel Lade’s Victoria election campaign. A highlight of their activities is a voter registration campaign that is giving the Greens a high visibility on campus. These Greens are also helping develop a group at Royal Roads University.

Bern Haggerty is developing a University of British Columbia Greens and Chantal Vicha runs the Greens at Simon Fraser University. In Saskatchewan, Malin Hansen leads the charge at University of Regina. In Ontario, Irme Chan and Sandra Pareja are building Greens at University of Toronto. Robert Carty runs the York University Greens. Watch for University of Guelph, McMaster University, Carleton University and possibly Laurentian University to develop the next Campus Greens.

In Nova Scotia, Lindsay Ferguson and Adam Popper are working on developing a Dalhousie University Group. The Dalhousie Greens are a great success story. They not only grew in an area where there was little Green Party structure, but they also helped to provide election candidates. They even got GPC Leader Jim Harris on campus to speak.

Jim did spend more time with them than expected – he got snowed in at the airport. As for Alberta, University of Calgary Greens are in election support mode with two of their core members as candidates in the election and another acting as chief agent for one of them. These Greens had Percy Schmeiser on campus to describe his battle against Monsanto after GE canola was found in his fields.

Internationally, GPC Youth maintains connections with the US Campus Greens. Last year, a University of Calgary student attended the US Campus Greens National Convention in Austin, Texas. We are also in contact with young Greens internationally.

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