Carpaccio and calzone combined

As it is the Green’s duty to win the elections (as the guy from Malta said in his very good speech), it is my duty to write a report on the food at the Congress !!

The two first evenings we ate in a Roman pizzeria. This pizzas were okay, they weren’t great, though, even a bit disappointing for the country that is supposed to have invented them… All my life, I thought mozzarella couldn’t taste any different than plastic, well in that restaurant I discovered good, tasty, mozzarella !

The Greens organised two dinners and one lunch. On Friday evening we had dinner in a « restotheatre », a sort of giant cabaret type of place, where the food was a buffet. It was quite good actually, compared to the quality of the show that was put on there. Not mentioning half naked ladies dancing at a green congress, the dancing and singing was unbelievably mediocre…except for the band who played Elvis music, which can’t be too bad.

Saturday’s buffet lunch was delicious, rice, pasta, eggplants, roast beef, carpaccio (I think…)… After waiting at least half an hour for the line to end, it was really nice to eat such good food, except that you had to sit on the ground outside to eat it because they didn’t plan any chairs or tables ! The desert was particularly good, I loved the cakes.

Finally, Saturday evening was a real disaster ! We all went to Campidoglio, the Capitol, in this really beautiful reception hall, but the only food that was there was salad and some sort of mushroomy lasagna of a green-brownish weird colour… After an hour or so, the little food that had been there was gone, as well as the whine, and there was no desert, no music, no dancing, nothing… Congratulations Italian Greens !

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