Catalonia Summer Camp and Joves Update

Joves d’esquerra verda has been involved in a couple of big activities in the last month. First, an activity in the district of Eixample, in Barcelona. There, our local group organised during the afternoon a conference on youth policy and later a concert.

From the 29th of April to the 2nd of May, Joves organised as well a big festival in Palamós, a city next to Girona, the capital of North Catalonia. This festival was attended by 3 000 people, and it included different conferences, concerts, football games, etc. It was the first time that Joves organised such a big event, and it was a big success.

Apart from that, Joves is right now preparing as well for the European elections. We are really motivated for these elections, because the head list of Iniciativa-Verds (Catalan Greens) is Raül Romeva, 32 years old, an old member of Joves d’esquerra verda. So we will work hard to get him elected. We also have a young candidate for this election, Ernest Urtasun who is the EU Coordinator on the FYEG Executive Committee.

Next July 17 and 18, we will have as well our summer camp. Why not come along? This time we will meet in the south of Catalonia, next to the River Ebro. As you might know, this river had been threatened by Aznar’s government because of the National Hydrological Plan. More details can be seen on It was an awful plan threatening to take water from the River and take it all through to the coast for the tourism industry, that means swimming pools and Golf squares. Hopefully, this Plan has been stopped by Zapatero and his new Spanish government. And because of that we wanted to go there to talk about water issues as well as to celebrate that the National Hydrological Plan nightmare is finished.

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