Editorial – By Micha, FYEG Co-spokeperson

Reclaim Your Future – This slogan needs to be shouted out loud.

It expresses the anger and fury of the many young people that want to walk their own way through live, however our economy and society does not provide them with viable perspectives. It needs to be screamed in order for our generation not to loose their personality and to not submit our destinies into the hopeless policies of TINA* that are propagated by the Merkels of Europe. It needs to be shouted until it resonates in the ears and pens of the European policymakers, but also until it resonates in us.

We want to reclaim our future?


The usual ways we communicate have faced tremendous changes in past few years. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and all the other social networking tool seem to be shaking the throne of the “old” mass-media. TV channels and newspapers are left trying to adapt themselves to the internet and this new world.

And where is freedom of speech? Is the internet pushing mass media to be more open and less censored? Are all these social networking tools really making world a better place with more democracy? What happened in Egypt and Tunisia and is that related?