CDN Report

The Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe has been taking active responsibility to encourage and support young greens in Eastern Europe. Based on strong fundaments and significant experiences the Network achieved during the previous work, we strongly believe in growth and development of a young green movement in Eastern Europe.

In cooperation with FYEG, CDN organized an exchange on the topic “Youth perspective in rural development – Organic agriculture vs. GMO”, in Ohrid, Macedonia from 6th to 13th June. It gathered young people from Bosnia, Germany, Macedonia and Serbia who had an opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences concerning the situation of rural youth in each country, their capacities and potentials.
During the exchange, participants from different cultural, organizational and educational backgrounds significantly improved their knowledge on agricultural conventional and  organic production.

CDN traditionally organizes summer camps for young European Greens in different countries of Eastern Europe. Summer Camp 2008 “Youth culture as a sustainable path to democratic society”, took place from 20th to 27th of July, in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Around 55 participants from numerous European countries gathered for six days at a beautiful natural resort near the town of Tuzla where they had the opportunity to discuss, compare and exchange knowledge on youth participation, different practices and possibilities that young people have all around Europe. The summer camp hosted various lectures which improved knowledge and skills of the participants on issues such as youth in media, civil courage, arts and political participation.

During the summer camp participants were preparing performances of different arts for the action in Tuzla on the very last day of the event. Action was taken to support the local host of the summer camp and member organization of CDN – Revolt Youth Movement – in its efforts to stand up against discrimination and nationalism that strongly exists in Bosnian society for almost two decades.
Action at the centre of the town was a combination of different art performances such as music, theatre, painting and photography. The energy and messages of peace and solidarity made a strong impact on citizens and media in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The 6th annual CDN Network Meeting took place in Belgrade, from 17th to 19th October 2008. It gathered delegates from 10 countries who decided on the amendments on documents, accepted new ones, approved and adopted financial and activity reports and plans. Finally, they elected new Member and Partner organizations and new Executive Committee members. At the end of the event, delegates joined the street action “Move yourself “ organized by Serbian young greens.

Year 2009 brings new important and serious challenges. Tragic happenings in Caucasus, financial crises, political turbulences and poor development of democracies all over the Eastern Europe only stress serious challenges and work to be done.
Even though, vision of green societies in the region often looks very far, CDN is dedicated to strengthen will and political standpoint and to develop skills and methods of young Greens in Eastern Europe.

In 2009, CDN will actively engage in Caucasus. Through experience from our previous work, credibility and solid level of knowledge we want to support and encourage green organizations and individuals in Caucasus to develop in political and operative sense.

Acknowledging new challenges 2009, CDN intends to implement numerous activities in 2009. Joint study session of FYEG and CDN on “Time management and youth participation” will take place in European Youth Centre of Budapest between 26th of January and 1st of February. It will gather 40 participants who will have opportunity to develop their operative skills and learn how to manage their time better in order to make their participation in political and social life more efficient.

Seminar on “Minority rights, youth and ethnic conflict prevention” will take place in Serbia between 30th of March and 6th of April 2008. Project is supported so far by Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation and Green Forum of Sweden. During the 6 working days participants will exchange and strengthen knowledge and experience on ethnic conflicts. CDN will promote the role of young people in the promotion of intercultural and interethnic understanding and peace keeping.

CDN is very happy to announce that Summer Camp “East – West bridge: Green values for South Caucasus” will take place in Bakuriani, Georgia between 19th and 26th of July 2009. The aim of the event is to explore and discuss main concepts of democratic societies which are tackled by youth participations. With full awareness of political situation in Caucasus today, we want to support green organizations in the region in their efforts but also promote diversity, intercultural and inter ethnic understanding, encourage multiculturalism, interethnic dialogue by emphasizing the importance of youth work.

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