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The last event for Chiche! was on April 26th – the Chernobyl’s anniversary with debates and demonstrations in several cities in France. We have to fight against the nuclear lobby that tries to obtain funding for a new nuclear program in France. In Toulouse for instance we brought old industrial containers, that represented nuclear containers, and made a pyramid with them to catch the public attention. At the beginning of April the groups of Toulouse and Lille participated in the local social forums that took place there. The social forum of Bordeaux will follow soon.

For the preparation of the G8 summit of Evian, some local groups are participating in “street parties” to make people aware of the event and the transportation that are organized locally. During the counter-G8 itself, Chiche! will probably be in the “orange” or disobedient village. There is also a “green” village that other FYEG organizations may want to join. Let us know if you are coming !

Another event that is going to be very important in France will be around the 10th of August the celebration of the 30 th anniversary of the fight against the extension of a military base, in the Larzac in the south of France. This was in the 70’s a very big issue in France and one of the first ecological mobilization that eventually won against the government. A lot of ecologists, anti-militarists and other “leftists” settled there during and after this conflict. One example is our famous anti-globalization and anti-GMO activist José Bové that still lives there and had already gathered 80.000 people three years ago for his trial for having dismantled a MacDonald’s restaurant with his friends of La Confédération Paysanne.

Three days of concert are scheduled with already great popular musicians like Manu Ciao… We are currently thinking of making the annual meeting of Chiche! there, just before the beginning of the feast.

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