Current fyeg position on the Constitution

Thanks to Grön Ungdom for the initiative to start real political discussion before the GA. It is good that they bring out their opinion already now since it orientates delegates to think of their positions already before the GA.

Anyhow, you mention in your letter that there’s is an idea to “decide whether to pursue a common campaign for the new treaty or not” in the GA. So far, there has not been any discussion in the FYEG to set up a common Yes campaign, or not even about taking part into other campaigns which are for adopting the Constitutional treaty.

About the EU treaty.
In the working group meeting on the Constitutional treaty in December participants discussed the FYEG position towards the constitution. Many of FYEG member organisations prefer having a common position. That would enable FYEG representatives to take part into panel discussions, debates – and even campaigns – and clearly express FYEG’s position concerning the Constitutional treaty. This was seen by many member organisation representatives as an important change for enhancing the role of FYEG in the European political space. Anyhow, not even then was there any proposal for the common campaign, for or against, the Constitutional treaty.

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