Czech Republic – A Political Medley

The first ever elections to the European Parliament held in the Czech Republic finished surprising. Over 8 million Czech citizens had the right to choose from 31 political parties or alliances. But not many of them (us) used the possibility to influence the European politics. The election turnout reached only 28%. The voters are at present more interested in other things like Czech is seeking for Superstar or Euro 2004.

Of the 24 seats, the opposition; ODS, the conservative Civic Democratic Party, the Party is viewed as strongly critical of the EU, got the most with 30 %. The other main opposition; KSCM, the Communist Party, seated in the second place with 20%, it is an even more anti-EU party. The CSSD, Social democrats of the Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla failed at the 5th place with only 8.8 percent. They had 30% in national parliament in 2002. The Czech Greens got 3.13. In the national parliament in 2002 they got 2.4% and did not cross the five percent EP entry threshold. Even porn star Dolly Buster was not very successful with 0.2%, probably because she had to use her official name, which is not well known, on the voting slips.

The catastrophic 8.8 percent brought the support of Vladimir Spidla in CSSD crashing down. He said after a meeting of the government coalition leaders that he could not be at the head of the government if he did not have support of his party. In the end he resigned today (30.6.04) from the function of Prime Minister and Chairman of CSSD. Now the politicians are negotiating about a new government or early national elections.

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