Denmark: when losing some votes feels like a great victory

The Peoples Movement Against the EU, Folkebevaegelsen mod EU, that the Greens are part of, looked like a looser the first 2 and 1/2 hours after the EU-elections. Obeying the EU rules, no results were published before 22:00.
The exit poll showed 3,5 % and no seats for the first time since the first direct EU-parliamentary elections. And MEP Ole Krarup was on the 2 national TV networks telling everyone that it wasn’t a big defeat, that the movement had gained lots of members and that we would struggle on against the EU Constitution and for the ultimate goal of leaving the EU.

But when the first results finally came they looked much better, and soon after the initial results from our capital Copenhagen came, and the forecast went up to 5,2 % and the one seat would be regained. We had been campaigning almost until the polling stations closed and we had won. It felt like a major victory, even though we had actually lost 2,1 %. Rina, who some of you met in Rome, was the youngest candidate in Denmark and advanced from number 10 on the list to 7th in number of votes gained. It was also a trophy for us, keeping a share of almost 10 % in Copenhagen, being an even more Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan choice than before, and becoming the biggest NO-list in Copenhagen.

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