Down with wars

In my opinion human rights consist of freedom in all aspects, for everyone on this planet. It doesn’t matter to which nationality, religion or colour of skin one belongs to, to have freedom of speech, acts, thoughts et cetera. Also the rights of national minorities are very important. There should be respect and tolerance for other people’s cultures, religions and beliefs no matter if they consist majority or minority in a country. We should all respect each other and try to avoid any other conflicts and possible wars. All of us should give their own contribution so that we could live in a better, happier and more peaceful world.

Until now,there are too many lives taken by the wars and unfortunately a big amount of them were childen’s lives, who are just innocent victims of hatred between people. So there are lots of orphaned children, who lost their parents during the wars, and who depend on some orphan institutions they were sent to, hoping that someone would adopt them and provide them some kind of ‘life in a family’. A lot of refugees all around the world were forced to leave their homes and go away without any idea of where they could go to or what they could expect in the future life.

If all of us make an effort and try to live in peace with other peopleand nations we could easily avoid conflicts that bring all misfortunes that are unfortunately present in nowadays life. I think that there were “enough” wars until now and that we should focus on how we can help each other. How we can cooperate with each other‘s country in order to improve relationships between nations and countries. In that way we would be able to create a better world in which every national minority would have the same rights, where it would be enough employment for everyone and where the life standard would be better for all of us.
The life is too short and precious to be wasted on hatred and wars,so let’s try to live in a peaceful world and have a better tomorrow for all of us.

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