EC meeting in Eindhoven

In April 2005 the newly elected Executive Committee of FYEG met for the first time in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We stayed at the beautiful farm of Joost, whom we want to thank very much for hosting us there! The meeting started on Thursday afternoon and was mainly dedicated to team building and get to know each other.

During the three meeting days we set the priorities for this year and we defined them as strengthening the existing network and improving the communication between and with the MO.s; increasing the political work of FYEG and raising our financial savings. We talked about the outlines of the organic food campaign that is going to take place in autumn 2005 and will include several actions and seminars.

It will be highlighted by a youth exchange in November and a European action day.

The EC also discussed the ongoing projects such as the forest week that is going to take place from 22nd till the 31st of April( and the Euromed projects which you can follow at the website. We also explored ideas for new projects such as a FYEG winter camp, an activity around green economics, a seminar for MO’s on leadership skills, a project concerning Roma problems and one about the future of the European Union.

Furthermore, we decided upon a number of technical questions, such as the internal voting procedures and the next EC meetings. All EC members had prepared their working plans for the coming year. Before the EC meeting, the financial team consisting of treasurer, fundraiser and Office Coordinator had already had a meeting in Brussels on which they went through the financial situation and aims of
FYEG. Sue, the new MO coordinator presented her plan of how to involve all member organisations better in FYEG and how to improve the flow of information. Expect her e-mail or phone call very soon!
In the next time, we will take part in a meeting of the Youth Forum, in the Council Meeting of the European Green Party and the General Assembly of CDN in May and in the Mediterranean Social Forum in June. The next EC meeting will be at the end of June. You can always contact any of the EC members with their e-mail address:

All in all, we had a very successful meeting, new ideas and a great team, and we are looking forward to a very active year 2005!

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