The usual ways we communicate have faced tremendous changes in past few years. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and all the other social networking tool seem to be shaking the throne of the “old” mass-media. TV channels and newspapers are left trying to adapt themselves to the internet and this new world.

And where is freedom of speech? Is the internet pushing mass media to be more open and less censored? Are all these social networking tools really making world a better place with more democracy? What happened in Egypt and Tunisia, and is that related?

All these questions, not to mention a few more, are increasingly being discussed, especially over last few months. For this Spring 2011 issue of Ecosprinter, we’re happy to offer you six articles from six writers with various interesting discussions on mass media, democracy, censorship and social networking. We really hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Until the next issue of Ecosprinter, take care! And have nice days with plenty of freedom of expression.

The Ecosprinter Editors