Editorial – By Micha, FYEG Co-spokeperson

Reclaim Your Future – This slogan needs to be shouted out loud.

It expresses the anger and fury of the many young people that want to walk their own way through live, however our economy and society does not provide them with viable perspectives. It needs to be screamed in order for our generation not to loose their personality and to not submit our destinies into the hopeless policies of TINA* that are propagated by the Merkels of Europe. It needs to be shouted until it resonates in the ears and pens of the European policymakers, but also until it resonates in us.

We want to reclaim our future?

Yes and we need to get it back and build, plant and nurture a new one. As Political Ecologists, we see ecology, society and economy as integrated. A society should grow from this understanding that provides everybody with decent changes to realise their own potentials without exploiting others or our nature. Our activists stand for this all around Europe.

In Gezi it is this vision of a society that brings people to the street to protect a park. There are many projects, firms, scientists, NGOs, urban gardens and farming communities and activists that have understood this principle and try to live it. We, as political activists, also try to bring the ideas further and implement it in all areas of the society.

Therefore, we are preparing an Election Campaign that puts the vision for a new togetherness in solidarity in the focus. Therefore we send Ska Keller in the race of the European Primary to advocate for our believes and therefore we have agreed to our common ideas in our Manifesto.

This new issue of the EcoSprinter should give you an idea of what Young Greens all over Europe do to reclaim their future. In this year of the European Parliament election it is important to go out and mobilise for our ideas and ideals and to not leave our future to TINA*. We hope this issue of the EcoSprinter gives your inspirations for alternatives.

They are there and we need to reclaim them

Micha, co-spokeperson of FYEGMichael-Bloss1-150x150

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