Dear all,

Saint Valentine’s is here, love is all aroud, the sky is blue and the birds singing !

Well… not exactly.

While abortion rights are being re-discussed in Western Europe, LGBTQ+ activists and gay people are being prosecuted far more in the East. Israeli army still raids in the West Bank, threatening and killing youngsters in the refugee camps of Palestine. Bosnian youth took over the streets to protest against corruption, when in Kiev, the pro-Europeans are still violently fighting against the pro-Russian governmental forces. Meanwhile, recalling another massacre in Rwanda in 1994, an ethnic massacre is about to start in Central African Republic – but neo-colonialist Françafrique is always there when needed.

We would have loved to promote a Love issue anytime soon, but, hey, the world seems much more pragmatic these days. For this reason, please find here the agenda for the coming editions of the Ecosprinter. Of course all feedback is warmly welcome, and if you have any ideas of topics and issues you would like to be tackled, drop an email to ecosprinter@gmail.com !

27th February : Gender Edition

10th March : Bosnian and Ukrainian Uprisings, Arab Spring.. examples of real democracy coming from the East?

25th March: Israel and Palestine, fake conflict over real blood ?

10th April: The complex equation of non-Interventionism and neocolonialism in the globalized world
All dates are of course purely indicative and we will inform you on any change and update. Please note as well that you can still send us articles on any topic you want anytime we will publish it anyway asap !

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