Dear greenies, the EC is back from an EC meeting in London were one of the most important tasks was to prioritise issues for FYEG this year. We decided that we should focus most of our energy, resources and funds on our migration campaign and involve all member organisations in the various activities. It would be ideal if the member organisations also put migration issue high on their agenda! Other priorities were gender and political debates. In this issue of ecosprinter you will find an update about FYEG’s migration campaign, a two pages spread about gender issues and a subject for debate. I would like you to send your comments about the article “Are there alternatives to a Eurocentric world?” The comments and opinions will be featured in the next ecosprinter thus maintaining some continuity.

I would like to thank Mark Borg for taking the time to write this article but also for introducing me to green politics some 11 years ago ☺. In this issue we are also meet the Bosnian young greens — an article written by Meho who most of us will meet in the 2003 summer camp. Keep up the good work
Meho! Our queen for a day is Szabina Kerenyi who most of you know (the girl who put Hungary on the FYEG map!) — this year she is our very own project manager so those of you who have any queries about projects, feel free to contact her.

In the EC meeting in London we met some young greens from England and Wales and I remember Matt, Marcus, hatted-soon-to-be-’Dr’ Tom, Chris and Ruth. The first three promised me some artic l e s which I hope I will get soon.

Matt already sent me one about the new anti-music legislation in the UK. I found it funny at first but actually it is quite sad. What would the earth be like without music and rhythm? Certainly more boring!

Unfortunately, the new year is tainted by an atmosphere of war. Mark wrote to me that “…it seems we never learn. May we all dedicate our efforts to finding ways to promote respect and understanding rather than ways of destroying each other” I say amen to that… albeit there seems to be a new ray of hope for Cyprus!

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