Dear friends, we meet once again through FYEG’s bi-montly publication ecosprinter to see what is happening in the green world. In this issue you will find many interesting articles, including one from Danielle Vella regarding refugees and asylum seekers. A few pages are dedicated to the EU referendums which are currently taking place in the 10 candidate countries. The executive committee of FYEG has met twice – Berlin (27—30 March) and Malta (30 April—1 May). Thanks Gruene Jugend and ADS! A lot of work w done in these two as executive committee meetings and also in between to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. In Malta, Stefanie de Niet held a workshop on FYEG’s migration campaign where different procedures and scenarios where discussed with the participation of various green delegates that were present for EFGP’s Council that was held concurrently. In the EFGP meeting, we attended various meetings and did a lot of lobbying. Jeanette Perman, Panu Laturi and myself where invited on a programme on the Maltese National Television to speak about FYEG, the various projects and our campaign. FYEG was also featured, (full back page and in colour:) in a local paper. Together with Alternattiva Demokratika Studenti, we held an activity in Valletta, (capital city) to bring to attention the importance of waste management issues and green politics. My heart felt thanks goes to those who contributed to this issue thus making the ecosprinter possible, interesting and enjoyable!

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