Dear friends, I welcome you to the bi-monthly issue of Ecosprinter! I am very happy with this issue as the articles were abundant and had a good standard. You will find a 16 page pull-out about the Sumava Forestry Exchange that took place in Sumava Mountains in the Czech Republic organised in August 2003. I participated in this exchange and it was very informative and enjoyable! Read all about the experiences of the participants, information about the bark beetle (cannot seem to get them out of my mind 🙂 lectures and the whole atmosphere. Another important FYEG activity for summer was the summer camp which took place in Jahorina Mountains in Bosnia entitled ‘Peace, Reconciliation and Development’. Another excellent FYEG activity which was a success! You will find the write up on page 6. I would like to thank both prep-teams for their dedication and enthusiasm, and to the participants who made the whole experience possible with their sheer delightful personalities and sharing of their experiences.
In this edition of Ecosprinter you will also have an FYEG Migration Campaign update, an insightful article from Maja about the realities of being a Hungarian green and an update on FYEG’s Euro Parliamentary elections campaign.
Another section which I am proud to present is the Member Organisations section. In this edition, we have 8 organisations who have sent news – you will find a lot of opportunities to visit the MOs as well! This summer was marked by a lot of beautiful people whom I will never forget…thanks for the positive energy and joie de vivre I am filled with whenever I meet you… thanks Rudo Lee for helping out with the editing and making my summer and unforgettable one… and keep the articles coming!

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