Well here we are again. Another Ecosprinter to be mailed out. Only to be read by a few keeno politicos that have time. Quickly scanned by most of you to see if YOUR article, YOUR face makes it inside and then to gather dust on a server far away. Am I being cynical? … just a little.
We want Ecosprinter to be read by as many people as possible, but it will only happen if the articles are interesting, relevant and accessible. How to achieve that? Well it a puzzle like what happened to the Marie Celeste? Or who was behind the Grassy Knoll? Or the changing of the Seasons. Hopefully, you do like this issue. Even if you don’t, write me and tell me.
Offer me YOUR story. YOUR picture, tell me your wants, needs and desires and then I can fulfil your wildest fantasy. Well maybe, but at least I can make Ecosprinter better.

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