This is not an opportunity one gets every day, so I am proud to deliver to you this edition of the most well written and most read magazine I have ever layed out! You’ll find contributions from all corners of Europe on a broad range of topics. Although only 20 pages thick, this issue is spiced with articles of which the quality easily exceeds the length. We are lucky to have professional writers among us. This doesn’t imply that we appreciate less the input of the amateur political page fillers. Thank you all!
Of course, as your ad interim editor I took advantage and smuggled my own story about my adventures in the USA on to page 17.

There are no reports on the near civil war in the Netherlands, nor is there mention of the court’s ban of the Flemish fascist party which instantly resurrected with another name, neither do we cover the non-violent revolution that is going on in Ukraine. Maybe in the next edition, if YOU write about it!! Send your homegrown opinions and other creative inky ejaculates to ecosprinter@fyeg.org!

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