Editorial , by Krassina Demireva, FYEG Co-Spokeperson

Youth Engagement in politics – overcoming the current crisis and working on a better future

Nowadays we are experiencing the consequences of a social, economic, democratic  and ecological crisis. Our nature is depleted and polluted, as a result  of one unsustainable way of living, unsustainable energy consumption and production  patterns. People suffer from austerity measures that brought  unemployment, public expenditure reduction, destruction of the welfare  state, and even the privatization of public services. Important  decisions are taken by political elites, and the gap between citizens  and their governments is causing a democratic deficit.
Young  people are hit by this crisis a lot, and this could be seen especially in the social sphere. The austerity policies cut the education funds and  raised the tuition fees. Young people have difficulties paying their  studies, and affordig normal housing. Finding a job has become uneasy task,  especially when one has no previous working experience. It is quite challenging for the youth to build a carrier and life in the way they want, while struggling with the daily difficulties to cover their living expences. Young people are often happy to just work in any kind of job to make living, rather then pursuing a personal aim and joy in their lives.
Politics are the space where important decisions are taken, and where a change  towards a better future could be done. If we want political parties to  work on solutions to the problems we see in this world, we need to show  strong participation, and make sure our demands reach the  political-decision making level. We need to encourage young people to be proactive,  politically involved, and working towards a change. We should strive for more access to information, transparency, lowering the voting age, and enhancing the state of democracy.
Changes don’t happen by themselves, but only when we define the problems, and  determine the steps we should take in order to solve them. Changes happen when we unite, and work together. The Federation of Young European Greens unites a lot of young and motivated people, who are actively striving for such changes and working towards one world based on social and economic solidarity, inclusion, equality and one sustainable way of living. The current Ecosprinter edition shows how young people see youth engagement in politics, and what the feeling of being a green young activist is.
Krassina Demireva,
Federation of Young European Greens,

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