Editorial – January 2002

Last week I met this boy to whom I told I was doing politics. And he said this was far too complicated for him, he’d chose his voting paper according to its colour and last time he had voted… yellow. Politics regard everyone but so many people think this is not for them, there are professional politicians to do this. As greens we not only decided we would care for flowers and butterflies, but also we would do politics ourselves in such way that everyone would feel concerned and know there’s a place for them in politics.

We said there wouldn’t be such thing as a professional politician, just people who give some part of their time to be activists, and others some years of their life to have a political responsability. But Parliament members would not be elected for forty years and everyone would have an other activity to run when it’s time to share their responsability with new comers. There would be no long-term career (no career at all !) but some moments in the life of a person.

We said everyone who has some ideas could get involved in politics, not only strong people (most of them males) who can have fights without being so hurt that they want to give up. Because there would not be fights, there would be only political arguments.

We said there would be no leadership, just punctual responsabilities to have in the most transparent way. We would not give to the same person, because he/she is very active or older or talks better than the others, the right to represent us in any case or a more important vote than us. Because we’re all worth, those who work a lot and have important responsabilities and those who work less or feel less comfortable to ask for responsabilities or just have a very exciting love affair that doesn’t allow them to give so much time to politics !

What we said was nice, but do we work like this every day in FYEG ? Well, we try. Our discussions on leadership and EC structure at Todtmoos FC gave us no doubt on the fact that we all agreed on these ideas, we now try to put them into practice.

Though the statutes say we would have a board with a president and a vice-president and a secretary general, and we didn’t have the opportunity
to change these statutes, we got rid of this. There is such board, but their names were picked out of a paper bag and won’t be published, except at the Moniteur Belge (the official Belgian paper). And the president doesn’t have anymore all the responsabilities described in the statutes, including the casting vote in case there is a tied vote.

Anyway we agreed we would avoid voting, and try always to reach consensus. Doesn’t mean that we all agree (that would be hard) but that we are all satisfied by the decision, even if it’s not exactly what we would have decided.
As amateurs we try also not to work too much, to keep in mind that we are not professionals. A bunch of nine amateurs is more efficient, we hope, than a couple of pros. But you can always complain if we don’t do enough !
Also we were elected by the FC and we try as much as we can to let this same FC know what we are doing. In Todtmoos a new function was created to increase communication and cooperation between FC and member organizations and the EC. Panu publishes every month the activity reports of the EC members. And to give him a hand we are setting up two new lists, mos-l and fc-l, that will help sharing info and discussion between each other.

Hope our green example will influence politics and not the contrary… My best eco-alternative wishes for this new year 2002.

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