Eight ‘creepy’ things in Westernized love for ‘mighty’ men


[This article is based on the general mentality of men in the Southern Asia where an attitude towards women has been always ironic and dominating and this could be pivotal reasons for series of horrific gang rapes in the South Asia. The article tries to lampoon the existing system of patriarchal societies in Asia and underline that patriarchal mentality would not be removed from men’s brain even if men lived in the western world for a longer time. The one side expectation and mighty approach of men towards women during relationship in this article has been the outcome of their societal upbringing in their countries. The author tries to develop this article in a mocking manner with regard to the sexual violence towards women (result of ultimate supremacy of men) in the patriarchal societies and with recently carried out surveys related to rape. Maybe this idea is irreverent in the world; where economic empowerment of women significantly exists and women do not grill to accept the ‘tyranny’ attitudes of men. World is about Ideas and it is always controlled by the capital. Capitalist approach determines overall sentiment of individuals, which is truly responsible for upbringing. No one is perfect in this world. Fights are necessary in every aspects of life to re-fuel one’s existence. Collisions occur and disappear, and they make a relationship tough.

At last, the author does not bear any responsibilities if this article links to someone’s life or hurt someone’s sentiment.



http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-10/one-in-four-men-surveyed-in-asian-study-say-they-raped.html ]

Champion of disagreement necessarily harms you when you are in the relationship with the smart woman of the privileged world. OMG!!! Manliness!!!! Put it down! While you are in the western world and then only your westernized love will flourish. Trying to add ingredient of your impoverished world in the western recipe is almost suicidal.

1. Sharing common bed sheet – clash occur – argumentative nature-put it down!!!

Every aspects of life are tangible towards relationships and may be somehow urging of biological needs when you attend definite age. Certain things you make sure are seriously ruled out. Especially, it occurs when you live alone for long time and then you fall in a relationship. The argument is generally natural when you are sharing common bed sheet. The best way to cope with it is a better money management (aka fuel for any nascent relationship). There should not be solo breadwinner in a relationship. It expands your financial burdens. Obviously, fuel crisis will put your relationship in the flames of war. Quarrelsome nature (in regards to solo bread earning for relationships)of men has always been ‘back-up’ by the economic independency and preserved social status in the developing societies which resulted the superior social structure of men over women. But, hangover of such attitude in the West could lead to serious juncture in dealing with the smart ladies which as a result take whole life to judge and realize them.









2. Pretty strange and cultural surprise

What do you do in a relationship? Fight, again fight, then patch up and then break up.  But, some hangover of attitudes won’t be lost even if we would live there for decades or more. Guys always miss the nirvana portion of the relationship due to their developing world attitudes.  Naturally, westernized love makes you strange and with huge cultural surprise. We will not be benefiting with government welfare plan nor will we be bringing basket of giant $ to home. And, we will not be getting opportunity to work in the white collar world. But, what does that mean? Our affection does not necessarily degrade. Is that substantial part of the great happening relationship? It may be that the earning levels of female partners are naturally huge and that does not necessarily mean that we are going to be submissive in every aspect of the relationships.









3. Huntington’s, Clash of Civilizations type of ecstasy- ‘War’ on religious and cultural identities- Love is just a love

Yeah! That’s for blonde girl- we are some sort of barbarian type, initially we are hand users while eating and often get confused with fork – totally different kitchen- world stranger. This has really tempted for ‘war’ in choosing rice or steak-often unspoken war adding ingredient-chicken or beef-usually for Hindu guy-beef is totally restricted-Hindu mythology. The questions often raise; how can be able a person of such principle to co-habit with beef eaters and non-beef eaters. Oh! I am not getting in to Huntington’s, Clash of Civilizations type of thrill where he speaks out; future war is based on cultural and religious identitiesI guess here, love and relationship won’t be demarcated by any established theories.  Love is just love.














4. Wild road trip and toddler naturearguing-couple

 We have a different level of understanding in the East, which has established our formulae for lasting relationship.  But, it won’t be as easy as saying, there always be blunder line in the healthy relationship which is directly proportional to the outside environment- understanding each other’s working schedule, earnings intensity-contributing to the family business. Maybe if we go for amateur road trip along the beaches-Sun Tan, Body lotion, tiny bikinis & romance-where every stuffs is connected-adding huge ingredients to  our relationship. How are we going to forget the Candle light dinner and playing some heart touching music-proposal for relationship-Yeah! We brute are still toddler or this one.  We are necessarily flirting types that probably of French people who comments more about women’s sexuality and sensuality and bit in the top of argument list deciding what is appropriate for our honey.  In a sense, we are like a ‘dictator’ for deciding wardrobe list that possibly will make our partner annoyed and may be the baseline of our disintegration.














5. Party fever & legal status

Oh! Another object makes us worried, PARTY!! PARTY! Bowling party-booze, Music, crowd-That makes Messy all around-Sunday late hours-Wake Up. This is what blonde girl wants.  Westerners are beyond doubt great travelers and we chap foot on overseas for living. Fun is different part for the people of the impoverished world. And, there will be a quarrel when you watch TV- little bit guys are intelligent type-goes with global breaking in the news-against it, honey are ‘soap operas’ type. Deciding where to foot on the globe-surprisingly, our passport is like ‘balloon without air’-Immigration hectic, huge funds show up during visa application, visa problem and blah…Blah…………….Which I guess crash points for it unless she gives you approval for lodging application regarding issuance of an ‘ ace’ passport. That ultimate one gives you easy access to most of the countries for travel. I guess we are always searching for this benefit ha! Ha! Annoyingly they say, person who cannot go for co-work in the kitchen, laundry and gardening, how can we think about marriage?












6. Calculating relationships & intimacy

 We do not have such instrumental power which weighs our relationships-Mature or Semi Mature- often non-gift giver-neither knows the value of bouquet or dinner. We are culturally operated guy where the basic instruments of life are guided through religious and social principles. Usually, we hear disagreement about our sexual fantasy-with dissimilar ‘play making’ knowledge -less resistance for this one. However, sometimes, there would be like border dispute type of wiles on the bed which pissed off our night business for month along. Rationally, we want our honey with submissive nature and low voice to make us ‘tyrant’ in home politics and observe our commanding voice. Unluckily, this behavior does not favor them. No options! Just break down!!!









7. Racial profiling- NO!!! NO!!!! It is logic finding

Well, I am not here talking about true racial profiling-dating blonde girl with non-White Men-Black Men with White girl.  But, there are some certain limbo which noticeably classifying people’s nature and state of mind. But, without logical proof it is silly to speak for these stuffs. There have been always some ‘undeclared’ clashes because of different understanding between diverse races/ethnicities and they have hugely determined co- habiting. Likewise, it is often observed White Men dating Asian girl but it is hard to find blonde girl dating Asian guy. Reasons may be thousands & thousands floating in the universe. It is only through generalization perspectives.













8. Bumper offer??? And brainstorming for its continuation 

Relationship does not come in bumper offer. Anticipation, romance, arguments, intimacy, faith, and understanding are always an alluring part of any relationship. These are the things we need to self-development. Developing world guys always feel frustrated by studying overall landscapes of the bonding. I mean, where are we heading? What does she want? Because you will not get any definite reply or retort that proves her fixed position. Of course due to the ‘beast effect’ of the developing world, we won’t like our women taking glasses of booze in the party with wearing super shorts-get drunk- go bra less- being ‘responsive’ with some other guy-that our so-called courtesy doesn’t allow it-sometimes it is deadliest consequences for the relationship. It also does not indicate that, we are demanding for ‘Zombie‘ kind of girl- totally hypnotized and without self-awareness-completely lie down on the bed-playing passive part during intimacy. We are still in dilemma to curve our common lines for the successful relationship. What is lousy or gorgeous part of the inter-cultural relationship? What are the hard lines or soft line that we should undertake in the inter-cultural relationship? I mean, it is hard to give answer. It is very tough to enlist the ideal ‘plan of Action’ which makes the relationship totally barrier free. Existing theories of relationship also gets literally crack making neither or nor destination for couple. Ideal relationship is not possible with eradication of all errors in the relationship. If eradicated, it is still impossible.




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