Eindhoven Meeting of the Executive Committee

In July the EC met for its second gathering in Eindhoven, NL. As we didn’t come together since our first meeting in Helsinki April/May we had a lot of stuff to be discussed. Maybe the most crucial thing we had to talk about was the finances. We developed a financial plan to meet our new financial situation: we will concentrate more on fundraising and will train ourselves with the aim to write better applications and to ensure our financial survival in times when we might get no administrative grants at all to improve our fundraising possibilities, the financial team will develop info packages that will be distributed to the members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) and we will prepare a reception for the new MEPs in November.

In general, we will work to make FYEG and our activities more known among the Green Group and ist members. Furthermore we will try to set up a political discussion between the member organisations (MOs). With e-mailing lists the exchange of political ideas and opinions will be supported.
The political group will also improve our contacts to the European Youth Forum and to other organisations that work on issues that are of importance for us as well. Some 20 odd organisations are applying for membership in FYEG or for closer co-operation, among others the Swiss Young Greens and organisations from Valencia and Andalucia (both Spain). The EC is staying in close contact with them to try and develop their and our potential.

We also talked about the next General Assembly (GA) which seems to have become a problem since we don’t have enough free money for a GA. This is why next year we might have to do a low-budget GA… We will keep you updated!

The EC also decided on a new campaign for this year: an Organic Food Campaign. The concept will be presented to you soon and your comments are more than welcome! In 2004/05 a number of new projects are planned: for example a study session on Women into Power and one on the Islamic Roots of Europe, seminars on Social Rights, on Life in Villages, on Public Spaces… and much more!

The Ecosprinter and the FYEG website will keep you updated on all new projects and happenings. If you have questions, check out the web or contact the EC or the office.

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