Energy Fair

As you all know, the European electricity market has been undergoing a major liberalisation. Some of this has seen the opening of the market to household consumers. Directive 2003/54/EC of 26 June 2003 concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity and replealing Directive 96/92/EC is part of this. For the public this has some advantages, like being able to choose their supplier and make the choice for green electricity rather than nuclear and CO2 emitting sources.

On the other hand, at least in our region, the public has not been well informed about this advantage. That’s why the Greens organise energy info fairs.

Present on 9th March were 3 suppliers of green electricity; Ecopower cvba, Nuon and WattPlus. A Greenpeace expert on renewable energy and a spokesperson of the consumer-rights organisation Test-Aankoop also came. The evening was moderated by Green MP Johan Malcorps. After all the speakers had told their stories, the audience asked questions and finally everyone present could get free advise when showing their personal energy bill.

If you want to organise a similar evening/day in your town, feel free to contact Jan for more information and contacts. The editor should be contacted in the first instance.

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