European Citizens’ Initiative

Time has come for citizens to play a genuine and meaningful role in the European project. The goal of this campaign is to collect signatures of people from all member states, demanding the introduction of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) by a regulation into European law. Such a regulation would require the European Commission to respond to a proposed change in European law signed by at least one million EU citizens.

So begins the introcudtion of the European Citizens’ Initiative. What is then the content of the proposal?

“When implemented, the ECI will be the first transnational tool of participatory democracy. It would enable European citizens to directly influence the political agenda of the EU for the first time in history. The campaign, after its public launch on the 9th of November, is now in the decisive phase: widespread publicity and signature gathering all over Europe. The initiative is based on an ever broadening alliance of individuals and civil society organizations. However, for a successful start, there is still need for more supporters to join. What about you…?

Why the right of Initiative?

Being issue-focused, the right of initiative will contribute to shaping an open European public space around key debates that reflect citizens’ real concerns. In other words the ECI will not only help to close the gap between citizens and institutions, but also foster the development of European civil society.

Why a large-scale campaign?

To open the door for other campaigns using ECI, the right of initiative must be introduced as a legally binding instrument. The institutions are unlikely to introduce a strong regulation without further public pressure, so it is up to the citizens to demand its introduction. A huge number of signatures, gathered all across Europe, will prove that European initiatives can work, and put the EU institutions under considerable pressure to respond positively. This campaign will show that citizens have the will and capacity to take the European project into their own hands.

Sounds great. How can I help?

This is a campaign made by European citizens. Therefore it can only work if it has the support of both active citizens and organisations from the civil society. There are lot of ways to get involved. Contact us and let’s change Europe together.”
The Citizens’ Initiative was launced to the public on the 9th of November. It is currently in the phase of collecting signatures. FYEG has signed up to support the Initiative. You can do so as well, by visiting their web-site.

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