European Youth: the Power of the Future!

From the 15th till the 23rd of March 2008 Nantes sheltered more than 50 young greens from all over Europe, who gathered to discuss the topic of energy from an environmental point of view.

Under the inspiring name of Winter camp 2008, “European Youth: the Power of the Future!”, the Greens, coming from different countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Sweden, discussed the present situation in terms of energy consumption in Europe, the threats, related to the nonrenewable sources of energy and the perspectives the new renewable technologies offer.

The event was organized by the French Greens in cooperation with the Federation of Young European Greens.
During the Winter camp the participants had the chance to meet Mathieu Fichter (advisor on climate change in the EP), Marie-Helene Aubert (Member of the Green group in the EP) and other specialists from the region of Nantes. Besides the lectures and the exchange of information with those special guests, the young Greens also had the opportunity to visit an eco-house totally supplied by renewable sources in terms of energy.

Having in mind that the participants came from different countries, with different problems, governmental policies and solutions, a lot of information was exchanged between the young Greens, definitely broadening their knowledge of EU energy policy and possible solutions to the problems imposed by nonrenewables.

The emphasis in the discussions was mainly on the advantages and  disadvantages of renewable sources of energy and of nuclear power, as well as on the extremely negative impact of the consumer society we live in. After having analyzed and compared the different sources of energy and their damages to the environment in the short- as well as the long term, it was concluded that nuclear power threatens our future and that the only possible and reasonable solution is the full introduction of renewable as a main source of energy in the long-run.

It is true that the Earth is endangered by the indiscriminate use of non-renewables and the fact that currently most of our main sources of energy are non-renewable results not only in harm to nature, but it also creates social and political tensions. That’s the reason why the greens promote solar, wind and tidal energy – sources which are not only renewable, but equally available to all. Energy schemes should be planned in accordance with the local natural resources and we should act reasonably, making a suitable combination of different sources and not emphasizing one sole source of energy (which currently in nuclear energy).

The Winter camp was a great success for the Keep it Cool Campaign, as well! It was a chance for the campaign group to present their work. Energy consumption and climate change go hand in hand and all those interested in working on the topic had the possibility to express their willingness to join the campaign team. Of course, the Keep it cool team had prepared a lot of surprises for the participants.

First of all, there was a game for the Greens to participate in. Undoubtedly, the most important part was the introduction of Captain Climate – our Green hero! Not only did she attend the discussions and meetings, but she also had the chance to visit Nantes and join the Greens during the street action, organized during the last day of the camp. Not surprisingly many people wanted to have a photo with the lovely Captain Climate! After this wonderful visit of hers to France, she confessed that she wanted to see the whole of Europe and to meet with enthusiastic young people decided to fight climate change! It is highly possible that she comes to your town next time!

Keep it cool, Greens!

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