Examples of cooperative games

Cumulative jump : We simply add the length of everyone. By this way the world record will quickly be pulverised ! Same method can be applied to mass throw, javelin, etc.

Collective run : We run altogether attached with a rope, so the group must adapt to the slowest.

Track tour : Instead of everyone trying to complete the tour running, we throw a ball to each other all along the track, as rapidly as possible.

The octopus : One person is the head of the octopus. The tentacles are formed by 5 or 6 others players in a circle around. They have to close their eyes and keep a finger touching the head. The head has to lead the others and move in the direction that was decided before. The circle mustn’t desegregate during the whole experience.

The snake : A line of players represent the snake. But the snake has turned crazy and wants to bite its queue. The body of the snake must contortion to prevent it.

The penguins on the ice pack : The penguins are swimming on the water. When the music stop, they must climb on a piece of ice, represented by journal sheets or whatever material. But the ice pack is melting : At each round a sheet is removed, and soon everybody have to stay on the same parcel.

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