Fight stupidity

Not only because it’s annoying. It is also infectious. When walking around on the Student Island, biggest music festival in Central and Eastern Europe, most of us, greens were shocked to notice among the tents of the so-called civil village an organization called Youth for Nuclear Energy. First you start joking and playing around that paradox – Movement for a New Chernobyl, Students Against Ethnic Minorities, Association for Sexual Discrimination, Youth for Caries. Then you realize that it is not funny at all, on the contrary -tens of thousands of people passed by this tent that week and could consider it was very normal for young people to raise their voice for nukes. (Of course we organized a tiny sort of action – we sticked anti-nuke posters and a huge green Zorro-Z – our logo – on their tent.) It is extremely important to get your opinion heard in order to prevent your fellows from getting infected by stupidity – you choose the tools.

In this summer issue containing main FYEG activities of July and September young greens from different parts of Europe have raised their vioce in different issues – you can read more detailed about our great and successful summer camp in Topola, Serbia, you can find a more scientific article comparing coal-fired plants with nuclear energy and – the final statement of the long awaited Bike + 10 action. We also focus on the EU – we have placed articles from three different perspectives on the Union.

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