Find your green lifestyle!

Two times a year the members of the GRUENE JUGEND (green youth) meet for the general assembly to debate on current issues, present new actions and have a great time together. The 20th federal assembly took place from March 8th to March 9th 2003 in Muenster (Westfalia). The main topic of the weekend was the new campaign we’re going to start this year on federal level. It’s name is “projectlifestyle” and it mainly deals with consumers protection and being aware of the way you live and how it effects other human beings.

After the campaign was presented and officially accepted by the members we divided into several working groups to focus on some themes that are involved in the campaign; for instance GATS and its impact on our lives, biopiratery, patents, agriculture and the question if there is a green lifestyle.
Furthermore, we had a debate on the war on Iraq and officially started a sponsorship campaign; you know: no money – no campaign. The federal board presented a future conception, we discussed a lot of proposals on information society, ecology… and on Saturday evening we had a great party with a local band. Unfortunately the party room was too small for all the young greens. But who could have expected 250 people to come? This was actually our biggest congress and it seems like we’re going to grow even more! Maybe we’re not that wrong with our lifestyle…

Finally, a new federal board was elected: eight (more or less) new and motivated persons will lead the Grüne Jugend federal organisation for one year.

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