Forest in my Village…

There are too many places to think about, or to write about. But I just don’t know; why not write about those places which are near to you? Those where it is not really a big problem to visit. You don’t need an expensive ticket, nor a car, nor train to visit a place that is full of clean air and all kinds of flora and fauna. All you need is good will and a sense for a healthy lifetime. I can’t say, “Hey the forest near my village is the best forest in the world”, but yes I can say “it is beautiful”. You want proof? Evidence…

Looks wonderful doesn’t it? I am proud of my forest, but we got a problem with people here. Because of unemployment, people in my village of Zubovce, located in Western Macedonia, are forced to find others ways to get along in winter. They don’t have enough money to buy firewood, and they are cutting the trees of the nearby Shar Planina Forest. Maybe this doesn’t look very scary but after couple of years this can be very scary.

I can understand everything, I can understand that they can’t find another way to live normally, but we must think about our coming generations. If they must cut the trees down they can plant new trees every year. If there are other problems, like pollution or fires, maybe we can’t do much about it. But this is very easy, it depends on us, and if we are interested in our healthy lives and care for our generation, we should think about this.
I can’t say this to everyone, but I will be very happy, if anyone can see this on the internet and can say it to everyone.

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