FYEG Points Out The Problem Of Violence Against Women

“The 25th of November is the official day of Violence Against Women, and FYEG wants to raise awareness of this problem permeating every society. Millions of women from all over the world are threatened with violence, held against their will, exploited for sex, forced to work and killed with around two million being trafficked each year according to UN estimates. Women are often the most vulnerable, especially in the Global South, due to poverty, inequality, systemic discrimination and prejudice in a Western and male dominated world.

More than one-tenth of all women in Europe have experienced sexual violence including the use of physical force. Many countries still lack a proper legislation to fight conjugal violence. The fight against violation of women´s rights demands equality of genders and change of accustomed gender-based roles in order to prevent prejudices and oppression of women.

Human trafficking is the most cruel form of violence. The deportation of human trafficking victims is not a solution as the vicious circle of human trafficking is not stopped with this measure. However, integration programmes should be set up in order to offer help to the victims and specifically to look for affected people as those are often not aware of local facilities. The ultimate problem causing human trafficking is the economical inequality between ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ – mostly through the division of Global North and Global South. FYEG will fight against poverty that forces women to accept degrading working conditions.

Good Policy requires a sufficient number of women in all economical decisions. More female participation in every part of society leads to improvement in economy. Violence against women can be reduced if women are given the same opportunities to access leading positions as men. FYEG welcomes the Protection Order by the European Parliament, which helps women to have protection from violence in all EU-states.”