FYEG summer camp 2003

Where 1984’s Olympic Games drew the world’s attention to Jahorina Mountain, FYEG repeated the same phenomenon with young greens from all overEurope. More than 80 people from more than 30 countries and organisations – mostly members of FYEG, came together to debate, exchange experience and earn a lot of new knowledge and friends on Mt.Jahorina, not far away from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After some problems with the transportation – which led few of us get to know the surrounding in a very green way -we arrived on August 11th in Bistrica Hotel. The evening started with the obligatory get to know eachother games and soon we had a really good group feeling that lasted the whole week and even further. In the next days we had a full program withlecturers, working groups and plenary debates. As lecturers we had a member of the Helsinki Committee of Human Rights in Republika Srpska who spoke about the development and reconciliation process in the last 10 years; Madleine Rees with full title: Head of UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina who spoke very openly about problems UN has to face in BiH but also about problems that UN itself might cause. The last lecturer was Charles Berkow, member of the Swedish greens and his topic was the green ideology and the roots of the greens. It was very interesting to listen to thoughts about ourselves – the greens of tomorrow.

In numerous workshops we discussed the Balkan history, our contribution tothe reconciliation, our visions for the Balkans but also evergreen themeslike gender and migration. In open space workshops we discussed new project ideas like working on Human Rights or an exchange on migration. As an outcome we debated on “Jahorina Consensus 2003” which presents our ideas, conclusions and demands. In the middle of the week we went to Sarajevo where we had the chance to see the Schueler-helfen-Leben house and visited the beautiful old centre of Sarajevo. But we did not only work: FYEG is notorious for its parties and we fulfilled any expectations: a pool party, a band and of course the international evenings were only some of the nightlife highlights. Not all those stories are made for the public… After exchanging addresses and taking the last group photos, we had to separate on August 17th. It was very hard to walk away and get back into “normal life” after this amazing and inspiring week. But with the energyof Jahorina summer camp we have already started working on the next projects.

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