FYEG wintercamp 2006 completed

The FYEG wintercamp was held from the 11th till the 18th of February 2006 in Judenburg, Austria. In totally over 48 participants from eleven different nations were debating, getting to know each other, working together, exchanging cultures and building international relations in the strongest way you can imagine. The countries attending were Austria, Bulgaria, Catalonia, Cyprus, Germany, France, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

During the wintercamp we created a very strong document on how we, young greens, would like to see Europe in the future. The document will be debated again at the General Assembly in Poznan 2006, but we hope the main ideas of the document will stay in. We have been thinking, debating and checking it for many times and during one week we had enough time to really make up our mind on what we would like to see happening in the next decades.

We also participated in the international European wide Climate Change campaign of the European Green Party and the Federation of Young European Greens. Our press release can be found on the website as also the pictures. We made the local newspapers with photo’s and a small report.

Out of the wintercamp several working groups came forward. One working group will go on working on about the issue of migration and integration. Another will be organizing a seminar on green economics next year. The last working group on sexism will also work on creating a space to spread these ideas.

Altogether the wintercamp was a huge success, thanks to the very well prepared prep-team, the good work of the local organizers and off course the participants. The participants were enthusiastic, well informed and attending every minute of the camp. The games, outdoor activities and the fresh nature around made the whole an event to never forget.

For all who would like to see more, check the photo gallery of FYEG.

As organizer I hope that we can make a FYEG tradition out of this wintercamp.
Next year Switzerland?

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