Give up the arbitrary applications in “TRNC“ Cyprus

YBH Youth has criticized the demonstration which nationalists attended and provoked last weekend in Derinia. YBH Youth condemns the “Internal Affairs Ministry” because “Ministry” had prevented the people, who live on the other half of the island, to attend the peaceful demonstrations which took place before, with the reason that only citizens of “TRNC” can attend demonstrations but the “Ministry” did not apply this criteria for the nationalists who came from Turkey and provoked in Derinia.

The announcement on this matter is made by Murat Kanatli is as it seems below:
We have seen again how arbitrary the law, justice and democracy are in the northern part of Cyprus. “The Internal Affairs Ministry”, which claims that they are in charge of internal affairs, had prevented the Greek Cypriots to attend to the demonstration against the NATO summit by saying that they are not citizens. Also, the attendance of the Greek Cypriots to the event which was to remember the innocent people who died in 1974 was prevented by this “ministry”.

The office, which claims that they are in charge of Internal Affairs, says that Greek Cypriots are foreigners and discriminates against the people of Cyprus. In addition to these, this ministry prevents the legal, non-violent demonstrations which normally can be done without the ministry‘s permission. However, the internal affairs ministry allowed the citizens of Turkey who are not “citizens” of north part of Cyprus to attend and have violent actions at the demonstration in Derinia.

It is sad that the people of this island are considered foreigners and their attendance is prevented at the peaceful demonstrations. Then not to apply the same criteria to the others is not fair, and it can not be said that there is justice, these are only arbitrary applications.

The people who had violent actions at the borders in the past are ready again and the ones, who say that they are providing the people of Cyprus a safe and secure environment, are just inviting the violence to come to Cyprus by behaving this way. We condemn the ones who make invitations to violence and we condemn the ministry which only keeps quiet and do nothing positive. We also call all of the progressive leftist forces on both sides of the island to be sensitive, not keep quiet and take actions against the violence.

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