Global Climate Action Day

On Saturday, November 4th, several member organisations of FYEG took part in the Global Climate Action Day. All over the world, different organisations expressed their worries about the global climate and demanded that world leaders take urgent action to prevent the changing of our climate.

“Climate change is the most serious and urgent global environmental problem and needs much more attention than it has by now. We welcome the Kyoto Protocol as a positive initiative to fight climate change. However it’s only a start. Europe must be the role model for radical emission cuts, aiming at stopping the growth of emissions globally by 2020 and cutting the emissions by 80% by 2050,” said Joke Van de Putte, EU affairs coordinator.

“The climate change can only be stopped to below two degrees Celsius by cutting the emissions radically but also more ecological sources of energy should by explored. By advancing energy saving and ecological technology, we also create new, sustainable jobs. Once this technology exists, it can be easily shared on the global level,” said Ska Keller, spokesperson.

Demonstrations, manifestation and other events were held in more than 45 countries worldwide.

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