Global Young Greens announce congress date

The Global Young Greens congress in Nairobi, Kenya 2007 has been confirmed to take place from January 16- 18, with a one day excursion on the 19th; and of course, the chaos will not stop there- the World Social Forum will happen directly afterwards from January 20-25.

Next to the World Social Forums’ 100 000 + participants, our target of 200 delegates seems a little cute. However, the GYG congress is shaping up to be an incredible event in itself. Happening alongside GYG will be a meeting of the African Federation of Green parties (known for their wild tequila parties), and also dropping by will be Wangari Maathi (known for her Nobel Peace Prize winning work).

Three prep teams are working now and potential member organisations are clamouring to sign up. Personally, I’m most happy about the range of people getting involved in the process- we have forest workers from Somalia, Congresswomen from Brazil, activists from the Philippines and of course some special folks from FYEG.

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