Green economy to dispel climate change

The humanity is facing the greatest challenges of all time. The debate begins how to plan the Eco-friendly cities fully coping with the climate change probably to achieve the carbon neutral cities. Best model example is Copenhagen-the first carbon neutral city promoting the green mobility to the maximum level. Energy savings, greener transportation, low energy buildings and change in life style have helped the city to reduce the carbon emissions. To maximize carbon reduction, projects like installing new wind turbines farm as well as increasing the use of geothermal energy is being used widely in Copenhagen.

The cities especially in south Asia is the worst sufferer of bad urbanization where the basic cities necessities are lacking. Professor Dr. Steffen Lehman of New Castle University says “We are making it happens through focusing in the national strength and utilizing the expert’s knowledge. “Will “Green Urbanism”, with its balanced re-integration of landscape, also be fit for hot and humid (tropic) environments, such as in Bangkok, Hanoi or Singapore”? The goal is still inaccessible. A large amount of energy is used to maneuver the buildings, houses in the world cities. For example; according to the data 44% of the energy is used in Australia to maneuver the buildings which has developed the relations of energy competence in urban city design.

Global Green New Deal- Urgent response to Climate crisis

To stimulate the global economy and to enhance employment as well as to accelerate to fight climate change, environmental degradation and poverty UNEP has called for a “Global Green New Deal” in comeback to the financial and economic crisis. Many countries face the difficult task of meeting their growing energy demands even though the Green New Deal offers a high-quality opportunity to overturn the negative connection between environmental and economic policy. In general, Global Green New Deal is a social swing in a definite model towards a new, sustainable development where consumption behaviors of human beings are arranged globally in low-release and sustainable approach. Global Green New Deal has emerged as the international push, which requires actions at the local, national, regional and global level. The talks over a global and legally obligatory climate deal have been dragging along at international level. Besides this, countrywide consciousness reducing dependency in energy imports, supporting economically the Research and Development to develop the sustainable infrastructures and products. Various countries are following the laws, guidelines or action plans, which aims to increase the percentage of renewable energies to boost for energy efficiency. For example, German Renewable Energies Act has generated huge economic profits through the promotion of renewable energies. The positive view assumes that greening the economy is the driver of economic reconstruction and welfare. Many countries had already entered for green market as well as going for the green movement. Now the challenge is to create the national efforts and commitments in a Global New Deal standard. The significant role representation of individual state is to form the coalition between the states which want to promote the interest in certain areas i.e. cooperation to green technologies, climate protection etc. This coalition can be the excellent preliminary point for framework for low carbon and development strategies for every country, mentioned at the last climate summit in Cancun declaration. Binding decisions and adopting strategies for future consciousness therefore ultimately a question of political will. Finally, an ultimate approach, which defines the present social structure, sustainable environment and economically viable political policy, will be successful in obtaining Global Green Deal.

From Green Urbanism to Green Economy

How to generate economy that preserves and upgrade the environment sustainability? Green urbanism can play a significant role immediately to robust our economy with green energy solution by harnessing the productive potential power of earth’s bio capacity. A new technology integrated with this model is needed to achieve the green economy. Stake holders, local activist have the opportunity to shape the green economy through their tactics. Depending on the local strength and intervention in the regions the Green economy will emerge in different forms.

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