Greens as aliens

Looking at the world through huge, saucer-wide eyes, our thin, genderless bodies glistening wetly we pass through the undergrowth, short, big-headed and constantly amazed. The little green people.

Is that who the FYEG are? Is that who we should be? Alien to this world, looking at it through new eyes? Strange, off-putting, persecuted? Or maybe a conquering warmachine?

This issue of the Ecosprinter is not limited to green issues, having a Mediterranean theme running through it. But it also raises questions on what greenness, this alien being in the political space of Europe, should be. The Neurogreen Manifesto, received from Italy but speaking for something European, Green and open, communicative and radical, clearly wants to include the ecological, but extend it into the social, not keeping the social aspects of Europe as something separate, something distanced from the ecology, but instead making a simple ecological analysis of the social movements. Asking the question: “Is it growing?

And if it is, what colour is it?”

As you know, most things that have just sprouted from the ground this spring are green. Later their flowers may dazzle you in all the colours of the rainbow, but in the beginning they are fragile, green, alien little things. Just like us. Hope you enjoy the ‘zine, and have a good late spring and early summer.

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