Greens didn't succeed to get into the government

After Finnish’s greens good result in parliamentary elections, the greens went with optimism to government negotiations. But after two weeks, it was clear that the greens are not going to be in government. The reason what was given from the main parties who went to government was: Social democrats wanted a left wing party to be in, and the centre party wanted the greens to be in. But the centre party didn’t want the left wing party and after that Social democrats said that if there is no left wing, then there is not going to be the greens either. And now, in Finland, we have a government made up of the Centre Party, Social democrats and a small Swedish people’s party. The Prime minister is the first woman ever to be elected, from the centre, Anneli Jäätteenmäki.

In reality one big reason why we are not in government is that in both, centre and Social democrats, they have a large group of people who don’t want greens to be in government. The reason for centre people is, that they have a large farmers wing, which is against nature protection and the Social democrat people have a large group people who are against us because we were against building a new nuclear power plant.

But now we have to wait and see how the new government is starting their work and how they will manage. And we have to do strong and intelligent opposition politics.

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